About FabNet 

FabNet is a partnership for rapid prototyping and fabrication utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies.

FabNet provides increased awareness of advanced technologies that require new materials, new manufacturing processes and new manufacturing software systems; matching funds for regional companies that wish to utilize prototyping and design facilities and services; reduced time and expense of prototype construction through access to specialized facilities, equipment and expertise required for design, simulation and fabrication of products. Ben’s FabNet Fund provides awards of up to $5k for product prototyping and requires matching funds from the applicant.  

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Please reach out to Kate Srinivasan, Client Engagement Manager at kate@sep.benfranklin.org.


“The FabNet Grant was invaluable to help lift our project from concept to start-up, and we would not have had the same experience as a business and company without the support of the BFTP community. Thank you!”

-Lorenzo Albala, MD (Circalux Inc. Founder and CEO) 



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